The HHCU Outreach Programme

Educating and assisting owners of working equines

Our dedicated Outreach Team travels across South Africa educating and assisting owners of working equines. A major focus of our activities is the concern for working horses and donkeys from the township and rural life throughout South Africa. Animals are often poorly treated as a result of lack of education and poverty rather than deliberate neglect or abuse.

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The Outreach Programme

The Highveld Horse Care Unit sends trained inspectors into the townships and rural areas to educate owners and provide them with support in the care of their animals. This includes help with harnessing, feeding, vaccinations, farrier, basic wound management and de-worming. The Unit also collects old and unwanted tack from the horse community and give this to under privileged owners to ensure humane use of riding and harnessing equipment on their animals.

South Africa has a large population of donkeys, some of which are used for work purposes and others are effectively feral and forced to forage in urban areas for any food they can find. The Unit has special programmes to care for these animals relying on the goodwill of the horse community and specific overseas charity organisations for funding in these cases.


Education of Equine Owners

The education of owners, drivers and children in townships and rural areas where we work is a vital part of our operations. We regularly hold training workshops and teach skills that not only benefit the working horse and donkey, but also empower the owner. We also give talks at schools to make our children aware of the welfare and basic care of the working animal. We assist Government Agricultural Departments with the training of their staff by giving lectures on equine welfare, teaching handling skills, and encourage trainee vets and Animal Health Technicians to become involved in our Outreach Clinics in their Provinces

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