The Inspectorate

Report a case of equine neglect

Our qualified inspectors are sadly regularly called to investigate cases of neglect, cruelty and abuse.
WARNING - some of the images on this page, will upset sensitive viewers.

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The Inspectorate

The Highveld Horse Care Unit conducts regular inspections of facilities where horses are housed for sporting, recreational purposes and in security and Government facilities. We rely on the general public to report cases of alleged abuse for investigation. Confiscation and prosecution are employed against owners demonstrating a gross lack of care in the treatment of their horses.

As part of the unit's Outreach Programme, we send trained inspectors into the townships and rural areas. In cases of blatant abuse, the inspectors will confiscate the horse and take legal action against the owner. Unfortunately, the legal process is very slow, and the Unit does not have the resources for extended legal action and does not have the facilities to house animals subject to legal action over extended periods of months and often years.

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