How to Adopt

Adopting one of our rescue horses, ponies or donkeys

When it comes to rehoming our horses, ponies and donkeys, we have a strict adoption policy. Some of these equines have had an incredibly difficult life, and we have to be sure to find each one the perfect home!

Download Adoption Application

Step 1 - Complete adoption application

Download and complete the Adoption Application form, then email the form to adoptions@horsecare.org.za OR complete the Adoption Application form on this page.

Step 2 - Pre-home inspection

If your application is successful, one of our inspectors will visit your yard to ensure that it is well managed and equipped with suitable shelters, bedding, food and grazing. The safety of the fences and equipment will also be checked, as well as the level of care given.

Step 3 - Select your horse

Should our inspectors approve your yard, we will need to find a suitable equine from those available for adoption. We have to find the right match based on your riding ability and expectations.


Step 4 - Adoption fee

The adoption fee is then payable. Adoption fee is available on enquiry. Adoption fee depends on the individual animal.

Step 5 - Delivery/collection

Once we have received proof of payment of the adoption fee, we can arrange delivery of your new horse, pony or donkey OR you may collect if you prefer.

Step 6 - Post-home inspection

Our inspectors will visit the yard again once your new friend is settled. This is to be sure that all of the horses and donkeys that we re-home are happy, healthy and well taken care of.


Thank You!

Thank you for considering adopting! You are making a difference in the life and future of a beautiful animal.


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