Volunteer at the Highveld Horse Care Unit

There are many opportunities to volunteer at the Highveld Horse Care Unit, from visiting the unit and spending time with the horses to helping at shows and fundraising events.

  • For some, visiting the unit and spending time with the horses is a therapy in itself. Our horses always enjoy a good groom and the buckets always need cleaning!
  • For the experienced horsemen/women we have plenty of horses and ponies that need work. Some need to be lunged, others need to be backed and schooled, and the Thoroughbreds need retraining to give them the best chance at a second career.
  • Are you a carpenter, electrician or builder? Please visit our facebook page to find out more about our ongoing projects such as the arenas and new tack shop.

Volunteers Needed

Shows and Fundraising

We always need assistance at shows and events. This may be helping at our stall, collecting donations and delivering prizes. A lot of planning goes into arranging large events, and we are always grateful for assistance. This year, we plan to host a Golf Day and a Race Day to name just a few. Please contact fundraising@horsecare.org.za for more information.

Work Riders

Every week, Throughbreds are brought to the Unit to be re-homed as they retire from racing. We need dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced riders to help us to lunge, ride and re-school these lovely OTTBs and give them the best chance at a second career. Note: references are required; you must have your own medical aid; no under 18s without written consent

Dressage Arena

  • Earthmover to scrape and level 20m x 60m dressage arena.
  • Earthmover to spread and level sand.
  • Fence: Plant poles and run electric tape.

New Tack Shop and Cafe

  • Carpenter: Inside cabinetry, shelving and outside deck.
  • Electrician: lights and power.
  • Plumber: water supply and drainage.


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